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Being the cheapest.
Having awesome customer service.
An amazing guarantee or returns policy. Tip: Think Zappos and their 12-month shoe return policy!
Being the exclusive supplier of a product in a certain area.
Supplying the best quality product around.
Fast or Free delivery.
Offering unique add-on packages no one else can.
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The following questions are to help us get a sense of  where you would like to go with this project.
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A web host, or web hosting  service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website  or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites  are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

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Domain names function on the Internet in a manner similar to a physical address in the physical world. Ex: www.mybusiness.com

The domain price depends on the availability and popularity of the domain name.

You could check if your domain is available by visiting http://www.godaddy.com
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We use professional copywriters to create SEO rich content for your business.

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Website Maintenance includes:
• Theme Updates
• Plugin Updates
• WordPress Updates
• Weekly back up of Website
• Site Recovery within 24 Hrs
• Content Update

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Website Redesign Projects

You need to answer these questions only if you would like us to redesign your existing website.
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